Puritize CoV-2 Viral Plaque Formation Assay

Puritize CoV-2 Viral Plaque Formation Assay Conducted by Northern Arizona University COVID-19 Testing Service Center Description:

The virus plaque formation assay measures the ability of a disinfection treatment to inhibit intercellular spread and induction of the cytopathic effect by the virus. The cytopathic effect is visualized as a zone of dead cells (i.e. a plaque). If the tested treatment is effective at inhibiting the virus entry, multiplication, or spreading, then “Plaquing Efficiency” values for that treatment condition will be significantly lower than those for the untreated controls, and similar to the plaquing efficiency for the “heat killed” control. 


Puritize treatment inactivates more than 99.9% (3-log, or 1000-fold numbers) of CoV-2 virus.