The Best Portable UV Sanitizer

Since the start of 2020, one of the most critical worldwide priorities has become killing coronavirus. Individuals and organizations alike are increasingly concerned with finding the best methods for effectively warding off disease.

Of course, proven health protocols such as hand washing, mask-wearing, and social distancing are essential pillars to promoting safety. 

Beyond these basics of disease prevention, what else can we do to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses? 

Long before the current global pandemic, ultraviolet (UV) light technology was discovered and employed to sanitize and disinfect public and private air and water supplies and even surfaces. 

“The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) believes that UV disinfection technologies can play a role in a multiple barrier approach to reducing the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, based on current disinfection data and empirical evidence,” says the IUVA. “UV is a known disinfectant for air, water and surfaces that can help to mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection in contact with the COVID-19 virus when applied correctly,” adds the organization.

While UV light technology cannot be relied upon as our only defense against viruses and requires certain conditions to be effective, it does play a unique role in modern sanitization. 

Here’s what you need to know about UV light sanitization and how to find the best UV sanitizer. 

Are Portable UV Sanitizers Safe? 

There are different types of UV, but the category featuring germicidal properties is known as ultraviolet-c or UVC, which has a wavelength range of 100-280 nanometers. 

Ultraviolet-c sanitizers of all shapes and sizes can be found in today’s market. Since UVC light can kill germs, many consumers are drawn to the idea of having a handheld or portable UV sanitizer to carry with them as they move throughout the day.

However, before purchasing a UV sanitizer, it’s essential to know the safety risks associated with UV light.

“UV lights disinfect by disrupting the molecular bonds that hold together microbial genetic material or proteins. The most commonly used lights have a wavelength of 254 nanometers (nm), which has a relatively short UV wavelength—the so-called ‘C’ category—but can penetrate the skin and eyes, leading to cancers and cataracts,” explains Jon Cohen, a writer for Science Mag of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Yes, direct UVC light exposure may cause discomfort to the skin and eyes and even skin cancer. 

Given the dangers of being exposed to UV radiation, it is prudent to avoid portable UV light sanitizers that feature an open bulb that can be directed to any surface. For example, light from UV sanitizing wands can easily come into contact with the skin or eyes of a user who accidentally points the wand in the wrong direction. 

Using UVC light to kill bacteria and viruses is only worthwhile when it can be done without human risk. The safest UV sanitizers offer sanitization in a fully enclosed environment, such as a box or empty room, ensuring no human contact.

How Does UV Sanitization Work? 

With sufficient exposure, ultraviolet-c light can disarm a virus by damaging its DNA or RNA structure, rendering it incapable of proper function reproduction. 

“Short-wave ultraviolet (UV) light has been used as a disinfectant for more than a century,” says Penn Medicine, adding, “UV light kills or inactivates microorganisms by disrupting their DNA and replication.”

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet bulbs with the right dosage of radiation can kill bacteria and viruses on an object’s surface. 

Puritize UV Sanitizer

The double-patented Puritize UV Light Sanitizer is a safe way to benefit from UVC technology at home. 

With a waffle-like grid and Advanced Refraction Technology, the Puritize home sanitization system offers multi-directional coverage for 360-degree sanitization of common household items. 

Independent testing performed by the Pathogen and Microbiome Institute (PMI)’s COVID-19 Testing Service Center (CTSC) at Northern Arizona University found Puritize to effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses. 

The Puritize system is engineered with built-in safety features to ensure users will not risk UVC radiation exposure to their eyes or skin. 

Puritize safety mechanisms include:

  • An automatic on and off switch
  • A programmable 3-digit lock for safe storage
  • A set of wholly enclosed UV lamps 

These safety measures work together to ensure the UVC lamps will never turn on while the Puritize lid is open. 

While the Puritize UV sanitizer needs to be plugged in to operate, it is small enough to transport if you wish to take it with you to the office or on vacation.  

Home Uses for UV Sanitization

When you have to venture out of your house, your personal items may pick up bacteria and viruses along the way. A simple visit to the grocery store or ATM can bring your devices, wallet, and other possessions into contact with unknown and invisible threats. The Puritize UVC sanitization system offers a sensibly priced and safe solution.

Puritize works to sanitize frequently touched items that are otherwise difficult to clean, such as mobile phones. During a ten-minute sanitization cycle, this high-powered UV light sanitizer box can thoroughly disinfect everyday household objects. 

Items a Puritize UVC system sanitizes include:

  • Tech gadgets (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Car and house keys
  • Baby items (pacifiers, bottles, toys, etc.)
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Glasses
  • Remote controllers
  • Cosmetic tools (brushes, tweezers, etc.)
  • Water bottles
  • Toothbrushes and retainers
  • Kitchen tools
  • Office and school supplies
  • Much more

Measuring 16.5” x  9.5” x 6", the UVC cabinet is large enough to accommodate many personal items and gadgets at once. Inside the box, there are three USB ports, so you can charge your devices while they are being disinfected. Bear in mind that the sanitization process works on a microscopic level and will not rid your items of visible debris,

While UVC sanitizers cannot absolve the need for following basic health practices, the proven Puritize UV light sanitizer box offers an extra line of protection against spreading bacteria and viruses in the domestic setting. 

Purchase a Puritize UVC light system for your household. With three color options to choose from, you are sure to find the right Puritize for your home.